Rough Riders

Central Australian Rough Riders (CARR)

Welcome to the Central Australian Rough Riders (CARR) mountain bike club.

CARR represents mountain bikers in Alice Springs and the surrounding area. The club is affliliated with Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA), and it has over 160 members, including a thriving kids section called the Dusty Demons.

Our key activites are

  • Shorter and longer cross-country mountain bike racing. See our Events page for more info.
  • Social rides on Wednesday evenings.
  • Dusty Demons (for kids) on Mondays at 4:45pm.
  • A representative voice for mountain biking in Central Australia

Got a question? Contact the CARR club committee here.

What's new

13 September 2014: Hour of Power #1 Scout Hall

Racing from 1630-1730

15 August 2014: Invite from NT Parks and Wildlife

  • Mac Moyses from NT Parks and Wildlife extends an invite to mountain bikers in Alice Springs. See the News page for details.

13 July 2014, 9:30am: Point to Point #2

21 March 2014: Mountain bike tracks in and around the Telegraph Station

  • Parks and Wildlife Chief Ranger Wayne Gaskon's open letter to mountain bikers in Alice Springs is full of updates on recent developments in the Alice Springs Mountain Bike Trails network, local trail development and mountain biking access to the Telegraph Station and surrounding area.

15 March 2014: Hour of Power #3 Results. Overall -- Category

23 Feb 2014: Firefly 12Hr Night enduro: Results are here

Wednesday Social Rides From 16 October onwards: starting at 6pm, at the Scout Hall.