Central Australian Rough Riders (Alice Springs MTB Club)
We encourage all riders to have membership. Membership Types and benefits information can be found at MTBA Membership

Members Development Policy Application
CARR supports the development of its members in all areas which benefit the members and the club.
Are you seeking support to compete at a major race or hoping to attend a skills course? We may be able to assist!
Download the members development policy/application form HERE.

Sign up for the free 8-week trial membership if you want to experience the value of MTBA membership without the committment. This will also enable you to participate in any of the race events.

MTBA (Mountain Bike Australia) runs the online membership registration, so contact MTBA if you encounter any difficulties with the online membership processes.
  • Membership lasts for 1 year from date of application.
  • To ride in any races, you need Race Membership (or purchase a Race Day Licence)


  • Junior Recreation 3-18 years. $50 (CARR $5, MTBA $45). This is the recommended membership for Dusty Demons.
  • Junior: 13-18 years. $102 (CARR $5, MTBA $97)
  • Senior: 19+. $155 (CARR $20, MTBA $135)
  • If you don't have a competition licence you must take out a day licence to compete. Cost is $33

Value-add membership for CA / BMXA members
  • $117 ($20 to CARR, $97 to MTBA) + CA/BMXA cost (You must hold a CA / BMXA licence valid for at least 3 months).
To join, renew or change your member info

Remember to make a note of your MTBA number and password – you will need them to renew or change your personal details.

To join for the first time
Go to the MTBA Join page and select Join.

Read and understand the process. In particular you will be emailed:
  1. a temporary password and,
  2. a link in the email you must click to activate your login
 Click on 'Click here' under New Members and follow instructions. Remember to write down your MTBA number and your (final) password so you can renew your membership or update your details in the future.

To renew your membership or change your personal details
Renewing your membership extends it 12 months from your membership's expiry date, not from the date you do the renewal.

Go to the MTBA Join page and select Renew.

Click on Click Here under Existing Members, and follow the instructions.
Use your MTBA member number and password to login.

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