Central Australian Rough Riders (Alice Springs MTB Club)
Newsletter July 2017 

It’s been a busy few months!  Easter in the Alice has been and gone and was a huge success.  Happy faces all around and the event organisation ran flawlessly.  We even had our Minister for Tourism and Culture, Lauren Moss down to wave the chequered flag to start the race.  Thanks to the support from Lauren and the fantastic work of club members we’ve been able to build the event to yet again be bigger and better than before.

Point to Point #2 was a great evening event finishing with dinner at the golf course and seeing some new and less familiar faces riding.  Great to see 50 riders out there and enjoying what was a perfect Alice Springs evening.

Three Two Tribes was run without the usual thunder storm this year!  Riders from the Cycling Club doing a 30 km road ride up the North Stuart Hwy and the mtb club doing a 20 km loop around the Telegraph Station in teams of two.  Always a fun event – not to be missed!

And just a few short weeks ago we had our first Gravity Social Ride.  This was trying a new style of event and 25 people came out for the fun.  This is a very social ride: untimed neutral sections took us all to the top of a hill and then timing was on short, downhill sections.  Darcy Cleveland was the fastest on the day with a shade under 8 minutes total timed riding.  Riders ranged from serious downhill rigs and baggy clothing to hardtails and lycra, with everyone making it home safe and sound with big smiles on their faces.  Keep an eye out for the next one soon.

Coming Events

Note some changed dates and the updated club calendar attached.

First aid for cyclists – 26 July, 6-8 pm ASCC Club Rooms.  This is open to all members and is free, sponsored by the club.  Register here if you want to go.  Places are limited:

Alice Springs Cinema 6 hour – 30 July, 8 am – 2 pm Scout Hall.  Our annual 6 hour event.  Ride solo, ride in a team.  Just come along and have fun.  Same course as last year.  Enter now (yes right now!  It’s this Sunday).

MTB Skills Training – 12/13 August.  The club is bringing multiple world and Australian 24 hour champion Jess Douglas to Alice to help us develop our riding skills.  Beginner, intermediate and advanced courses will be held over the weekend according to demand.  Places are strictly limited.  Do one session do multiple sessions.  It’s up to you.  Cost per session is $30 junior, $50 senior member, $100 senior non-member.  Note these prices are heavily subsidised by the club for members.  Enter now.

Redback Stage Race – 17-20 August.  The annual Redback mtb race is coming to town.  So if you fancy lots of fun riding then go to the Rapid Ascent web site and give it a go.

MTB Orienteering Event – 27 August.  Do you fancy your navigation skills?  Or just want to ride the tracks and see them from a different perspective?  Then give the MTBO event a go.  More details soon.

Annual General Meeting – 10 September.  Put it in your diary.  This one is important.  It’s the way the club keeps running and, as always, we need your help.  We’ll be looking for a few new people to join the committee.  So have a think about it.  Can you help out with secretarial?  Or social media, website and communications?  Then drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Lone Dingo XCO #2 – 10 September.  Yep, the same date as the AGM.  Registration will be from 7.30 – 8.00 am, the AGM 8.00 – 8.30 am and then race start at 8.30 am.  Short and sweet!  A fast game is a good game!

Lone Dingo XCO #3 – 24 September.  Our final XCO for the year.  What’s XCO mean do I hear you ask?  Well the XC is cross country and the O is for Olympic distance.  All part of the international coding for mountain bike events.  There you go!  Another one of life’s mystery’s solved.

Club meeting news

Change of club name?

The committee has discussed changing the name of the club from Central Australian Rough Riders to Alice Springs Mountain Bike Club.  As a majority of the committee are in favour of this change we are putting it to a vote to the club.  The formal vote and decision will be at the AGM.  The reason for the proposed change is that the current name is not specific as to where we are (i.e. Alice Springs) nor does it say clearly what we do (Rough Riders).  With all the development around mountain biking in Alice Springs by NT Government and Tourism it is most logical that anyone looking for info would search on ‘Alice Springs’ and ‘Mountain Bike’.  So we want to make it as easy and clear as possible.  There is also the small issue that Rough Riders are a famous brand of condom and this causes some impact when applying to Government for grants.

Of course we fully recognise that the current name has some history to it and that club members might not want to change it.

What to do?  If you have no strong feelings about it then you don’t need to do anything.  If you have an opinion either way then send your vote to the club email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and it will be registered.  Or turn up at the AGM and raise your hand.

Notice of Annual General Meeting – 10 September, Telegraph Station

It’s that time of the year again.  What?!?  Already?  Yep.  This coming year we have been discussing changing the roles on the committee a little.  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Events Officer will remain, but we desperately need an IT savvy person to take care of our communications; Facebook and website.  We also need more focus on new members.  Paul Darvodelsky (Pres), Georgina Landy (Vice Pres) and Simon Murphy (Treas) have indicated they are happy to continue if there is no one who wants to take on those positions.  Of course all are more than happy to hand over if someone else has a burning desire to give it a go.  We’ll be looking for a new Secretary and a Communications Officer.  So have a think about it and let Paul or George know if you’re interested in helping out.

What a great year it has been for the club.  Our tent pole event is Lasseters Easter in the Alice and this was again a great success.  The Firefly 12 hour had near record numbers in February and great turn outs to all our other racing once again.  Dusty Demons continues to be a great fun Monday evening hit out for the kids and we’ve tried a few new things, like our Gravity Social Ride and next month MTB Orienteering.  Event planning is now co-ordinated with the Cycling, Triathlon and Running Clubs in a big day in nutting out the calendar to minimise clashes. A big thanks to all those who helped out in making our events a success.

The club has increased engagement with NT Government and is very active in helping to develop Alice Springs as a mountain bike destination.  We have built even stronger links with Parks, Tourism and key Government Ministers and departments.  This increase in communication has also included a regular newsletter to members and a high level of interaction on the club and Alice Springs Mountain Bike Trails Facebook pages.

Financially, your committee has been very focussed on building a solid base for the club.  Having a healthy bank account is important for the club as it allows us to run subsidised events such as this week’s First Aid Course and next month’s Skills Training with Jess Douglas.  It also gives us plenty of options to spend money on any equipment we need and track maintenance.  In short, a healthy bank balance lets the club promote and develop mountain biking, which is the whole point of the club being here.  This year the bank balance of the club increased from about $25,000 to $80,000 due to careful financial management.

In development the club has supported riders to attend races around the country and with upcoming skills training in First Aid and riding.  It is a key part of our strategy to invest in members with skills development which are relevant to the club.

Club strategy

We have lovely new club strategy to guide us through 2017 and 2018.  It’s attached to this email.  Any comments or contributions are most welcome and will be considered and included, if appropriate, in the next update.  At a glance you’ll see we’ve achieved most of our goals set out for the year and this is a great outcome for the club.

Ronn Back on Track

You may know that long time club member (and tireless worker) Ronn Slusser recently went to Germany for a very complicated operation on his back.  He’s making a strong recovery and has even been spotted doing a little bit of track maintenance already!  The club has made a donation to the ‘Ronn Back and Track’ account which was very kindly set up by Yvonne at Penny Farthing Cycles.  If you would like to support Ronn and Dorinda then the bank account details are BSB 015 881 and account # 225570063.

MTB Skills training weekend

One of our key goals for this year and the future is to give all club members the opportunity to develop their mountain bike skills.  As a start we’re bringing Jess Douglas, World and Australian 24 hour champion back to Alice Springs for the weekend of 12/13 August.  Jess will be running four skills courses over the weekend for a range of standards.  Places are limited so get in early.

Track workshop

Parks NT recently held a number of workshops on track building and developing a mountain bike destination.  Your club supported these workshops by making a financial contribution to allow Nick Bowman to come up again.  Nick has developed the current strategy for Parks NT and done a very good job of it.  He understands the country pretty well and has got to know our specific peculiarities so the club was happy to provide some assistance to help him come up.  The workshops were well attended by club members and others in town and by all accounts a great success.

Single Speed Festival – 2018 Australian Single Speed Championships

How do you get the right to run the Australian Single Speed Championships??  Well, you win the bicycle jousting competition of course!  A number of Alice Springs mountain bikers and single speeders went to Melrose in June to contest the Australian Single Speed Championships and well, as they say, the rest is history.  The 2018 Australian Single Speed Championships will be held in Alice Springs 13-15th July next year.  This event has an emphasis on fun, so time to find an old frame and make yourself a single speed and get out there and go crazy!  More details as the time gets closer.

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